Dr. Onganlar

baby ear molding dubai

Who is Dr. Yaşar Onganlar?

Dr. Yaşar Hüseyin ONGANLAR MD, as an expert in children health and diseases, has cured thousands of patients, followed children cases properly since the year 2005.

He closely followed the psychological problems in children caused by ear deformities in children’s early and teenage periods. He directed many ear deformity patients to psychiatric experts, and for the serious deformities, he directed those to autoplasty- an ear correction surgery.

In recent years, he has started the baby ear deformities molding process in his clinic. He is doing infant ear deformities correction with molding process with a successes.

Molding processes which he is using:

Earwell infant ear correction system

Clinic taping

Partial molding processes are being done.

Dr. Onganlar classically, has taken the cases which patients are older for correcting ear deformities which needs to be started in first 14-21 days and he is continuing his studies to correcting these better.

He is serving in treating infant ear deformity patients who are outside of Turkey at their homes.

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