Earwell Infant Correction System

How is the Process of Correcting Newborn Ear Deformities Done?

Earwell ear kit is a piratical, fast and reliable ear deformity correction kit developed in recent years that is applied in babies’ ear deformities. Earwell is an application method which corrects babies ear shape disorders, ear fold disorders, prominent ear that is seen in some children and newborns or other baby ear shape disorders. It’s purpose is to completely correct the ear shape disorders. During this correction period, since the ear cartilage will get thicker, the correction will be permanent. For the newborn ear deformities, you may read our article Newborn Ear Deformities.

The biggest advantage is that the ear deformities in newborn babies will be permanently corrected and the autoplasty, generally meaning the having a prominent ear surgery will be prevented.

We see that the past users of Earwell are quite happy for the applications done since today.

earwell infant ear kit

How is the Earwell Ear Kit Application Done?

Earwell ear kit or ear correction kit consists some tools for baby ear correction process.

The silicone structure that surrounds and placed in a baby’s ear is referred as a tool called Cradle.

Retractor and Conformer molders are correcting deformities that are seen in ears.

In babies innate ear deformities, earwell stays on the babies ear for approximately 2 weeks in the first application, then the Cradle gets removed. After that, baby’s situation gets evaluated. If seen necessary, it gets to molding again. If the molding is in a good condition, the taping process must be done afterwards. Approximately in 1 month, a correction rate of 90% gets observed. For our shares about earwell, please follow the Dr. Onganlar’s application page.

Below you may see the stages of correction with Earwell ear kit in a baby who has an ear deformity.

How is the Earwell Pricing Gets Calculated?

The most important factor of pricing Earwell is if the deformity is on the one ear or both ears. In some rare cases we may be able to correct ear disorders with small kit and with cheaper fees. Because of these, the pricing is done by the condition of the ears. If you think that your baby has an ear shape disorder and especially, if you are in the first two months period, you should contact us without wasting any time.

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