A System of Correcting Prominent and  Ear Folding in New-born Infants

There is no reason for you to just desperately hope that your new-born infant baby’s prominent or  ear folding will go away by itself or it would get better until the ears fit invasive surgical producers, anymore.

If your infant has an ear deformity, the fact that Dr.Onganlar has a 90% success rate at correcting infant ear deformities permanently, would be a relief for you. However, for this painless and non-invasive operation to be effective; the treatment must be started in the first 6 weeks of birth.

Infant Ear Deformities

Did you know that prominent and other deformed ear disorders in infants are one of the most ignored infant disorders?

Statistical data shows that infant ear deformities occur between 20 – 35% of all the births!

Despite this fact, ear deformities do not get the attention that they deserve, because until now, there was no producer to correct them which was reliable, safe, non-invasive and non- surgical.

Some paediatricians think that ear deformities are simple disorders that can be corrected with itself when the infant grows up. Also, studies have shown that ear deformities may affect the child’s physical and emotional development in a bad way.

Peer Bullying

Children that have facial abnormalities -especially with ear deformities- may face peer bullying, humiliation, and abuse. As a consequence, they usually have low self-confidence, anxiousness. They also heavily isolate themselves and regress their emotions.

Hoping that the ear will correct itself and adopting the approach “wait and see” is risky.

In a study that has been conducted in Japan showed that some ear deformities may correct itself, however, the others will stay the same or get worse.

On the other hand, waiting for the child to get to an appropriate age means psychological pressure which lasts for years and an expensive (and usually a painful) surgery.

We offer a new and attractive option with the system that we use in our clinic EarWell therapy, an infant ear deformities correction system.

How is the Process of Correcting Newborn Ear Deformities Done?

Our precedure is a piratical, fast and reliable ear deformity correction kit developed in recent years that is applied in babies’ ear deformities. Earwelll is an application method which corrects babies ear shape disorders, ear fold disorders, prominent ear that is seen in some children and newborns or other baby ear shape disorders. It’s purpose is to completely correct the ear shape disorders. During this correction period, since the ear cartilage will get thicker, the correction will be permanent. For the newborn ear deformities, you may read our article Newborn Ear Deformities.

The biggest advantage is that the ear deformities in newborn babies will be permanently corrected and the autoplasty, generally meaning the having a prominent ear surgery will be prevented.

We see that the past users of Earwell are quite happy for the applications done since today.

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The only question you should ask with the success rate above 90% is this: “Why should we wait?”

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