Cryptotia Ear Deformities in Newborn Babies

Cryptotia ear deformities in new-born babies is an infant ear deformity that occurs when the top of the ear cartilage gets slightly sink under the skin which is at the sideways of  the head.

The New-born Baby with Cryptotia who is Treated With EarWell Correction System

Cryptotia is an ear deformity seen on new-born babies that looks like the top side of the ear is buried under the head. Especially, the tip of the outer ear is buried under the head skin. Cryptotia, is the least seen of all the baby ear deformities. Also, in Asian populations, it is one of the most common baby ear deformations.

Newborn Baby who has Cryptotia and Treated with EarWell Therapy System

Placing the superior auriculer muscle abnormally is characterized with an ear cartilage frame that looks like it is buried under the skin when there is no significant skin. For a long time, we assumed that the growth of the cartilage to be in the outer direction gets restricted by blunt muscles in the ears.

Yotsuyanagi and his colleagues (July 2015) concluded that Cryptotia occurred when one of his patient’s superior auriculer muscle placed abnormally (check the image). The image shows an adult patient whose muscle (outer ear muscle) shows surgical release, which is explained in Yotsuyanagi’s article.







Second image. It is the same deformity in our babies that cannot be corrected surgically with EarWell Infant Ear Deformity Correction System.






When Earwell infant ear correction system has used the process of correction of the ear and newborn baby ears molding therapy includes preventing the ear to get pull overpoweringly, this muscle length to be extended and reshaping the area around the cartilage. Usually, to pull the area back around the ear cartilage forcibly and to loosen the muscle and skin, EarWell detection tapes get applied.

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