Usage of Tapes for Babies Who Have Prominent Ear Problems

Usage of tapes for babies who have prominent ears is an application that can benefit very little to newborn ear deformities.

One of the deformities about ears that is seen in babies is a prominent ear problem. For the other ear deformities that are seen often, you may read our article, Prominent Ears in Infants. This problem may occur even if it does not affect both of the ears. If only of one the ear is a prominent ear, this may seriously lead to psychology problems for the baby in the future.

Therefore, for your child’s health, you should definitely make a research for what to do about prominent ear treatment for babies.

The biggest reasons for prominent ear or other baby ear deformities to occur are the inadequacy of ear fold and the overgrowth of baby ear cartilage. This situation usually occurs because of genetic reasons.

Tapes for Prominent Ear in Babies

Benefits of using tapes in babies for prominent ears are pretty restricted.

Treatment of Prominent Ears in Babies

When the problem is noticed in the new-born period, there is an application that gives more successful results. The reason for this success is that at that period, it is also the period of baby’s bones to make a change.

The most optimal time for the Earwell therapy in baby’s prominent ear problem is the first 3 months since the day they were born. At this process, both single and dual prominent ear problems can be solved, without the needing for surgical operations.

In the first three months of his life, a baby’s ear tissue is pretty soft and it is suitable to eliminate the prominent ear by reshaping.

Prominent Ear Surgery in Babies – Otoplasty

Prominent ear problem in babies often occurs due to the reason that the family does not notice it in the new-born period. When the problem is not solved in this period, for the children to not have any problems in the future, surgery gets required.

In the babies that past the new-born period and aged their first year, does not get a positive result in tape application in babies. The age of the child to have prominent ear surgery or elf ear surgery is when she is 5. Until she gets 5, waiting for the child to grow up and then consulting to an expert doctor to handle the problem, is required.

The operations usually last 45 minutes. After the surgery, there won’t be any serious pain problems. There  won’t be any problematic process after the surgery. The process of recovery differs from person to person.

The success rate in this period is very high. The problems that may occur in the child’s adult period, get eliminated.

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