Correction of Earlobe Deformities

We have many patients consulting us with a variety of questions such as my baby’s earlobe folded, folding while sleeping, attached, prominent, looking very different. Until the last year, to solve such problems there were solutions such as following the case and making a massage; but in the last period, there started to develop new solutions. And one of the most important correction method is EarWell therapy. With this method we also use, we started to correct all the children’s ear deformities easily in their first two months of birth. In the pictures below, you can see a baby who didn’t develop ear antihelix and helix; and his new appearance after 4 weeks of the first picture with the ear correction process we apply.

Baby Ear Correction System

The ear deformity correction system may be applied to babies’ ears after the following days of birth. To establish the full correction the treatment must began in the first 3-4. weeks of birth. With the moulding method EarWell that we apply in our clinic, by seeing the baby in every 2 weeks we finish his treatment in almost 1 month. Since the process does not cause any pain, it does not require any anesthesia, sedation or drug.

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